Introduction to Financial Statements

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General Overview

In this module, you have access to your financial statements: Statement of ResultsDirect and Indirect Cash Flows and Balance.

Additionally, it is possible to make management adjustments, commentsalertsrevisions,  and to view vertical and horizontal analyses.

Following options are highlighted:

  1. Filter by Companies and Cost Center;
  2. Field for viewing Exchange rates;
  3. Menu of Preferences
  4. Access and manage Management adjustments;
  5. Quick Graphic Representation based on a formula;
  6. Access to Management information formulas;
  7. Access to Analysis of expenses;
  8. Manage Inconsistencies between Ledger records and respective accounting accounts in trial balance sheets.
  9. Export informationto XLS.

Companies and cost center filters

For a more refined analysis of your financial statements, you can filter them by specific companies and/or cost centers.

Simply click on the button indicated in item 1, at the side of the contextual menu, on the screen top.

Switch between available currencies (exchange rates)

Quando suas empresas tiverem mais de um câmbio cadastrado, você poderá alterá-lo na lista destacado pelo item 2.


To Access the Preference Menu simply click on the contextual menu and select Preferences.

  1. Preference Menu;
  2. Preference between manual or automatic information update;
  3. Changing a reference date – last month to be shown in the tables;
  4. Show the YTD (Year to Date) and LTM (Last Twelve Months) column;
  5. Show and configure Vertical and Horizontal Analyses;
  6. Show the comparison column with the budget Forecast;
  7. Enable the detailed CTA in the DFs;
  8. Hide structures without values. By selecting this option, empty Management Structures will not be shown in your Financial Statements;
  9. Show alertscomments, or revisions in the tables. Note that only one of these options can be seen at the same time.

To confirm your preferences, click on Confirm.

Preference to update information

By choosing the preference to update information you will be able to choose if the data in the Financial Statement will be updated manually or automatically. If the Economic Group has many registered companies, exchange rates, and cost centers, it is recommended to use manual updating, but the platform standard is automatic updating.

The Financial Statements must be reprocessed whenever any accounting account, trial balance or Management Structures is updated. The same occurs when new adjustments, premises or eliminations are created.

Therefore, in case you carry out consecutive changes to your numbers, we suggest activating manual updating. This way, your numbers will be reprocessed at the time you change them.

Note that when manual updating is activated and the values of your Financial Statements need to be reprocessed, a yellow line appears on the upper part of the platform. By clicking on “click here”, the information will be updated.