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The Accountfy has a connection with the Quickbooks Online application to import the entry information from the Ledger. To activate such an integration, all you have to do is to follow the next steps:

Step by Step

1. Create an Accountfy application in the Quickbooks

The step is to create an Accountfy application in the Quickbooks, authorizing the transmission of data between them.

To register the application, follow the steps:

  • Select Quickbooks Online;
  • In the field name, we suggest entering “Accountfy”;
  • Select the  scope: “Accounting“.

After creating the Accountfy application in the Quickbooks, click in “Production” on the left corner of the page and fill out the options as described below to release the access credentials:

2. Configure the connection between applications

In this process, you can link your Quickbooks account to the Accountfy to carry out the transfer of your financial information.

The connection credentials are available on the same link accessed in the previous steps, on the option of the Accountfy app on Quickbooks. Click on “Key & OAuth”, located on the left corner below, below “Production”, therein the credentials shall be available that are used in the Accountfy.

Now, access the Accountfy, click on the icon of the avatar, indicated by the initials of your name, located on the upper right corner, afterwards click on edit profile, In the configurations mode, access the option “Manage Apps” and choose to connected with the Quickbooks.

In the Accountfy you shall have to fill out the fields with the data made available in the Quickbooks

  • Connection Name. Its recommended that the connection name corresponds to the reference company that you want to import the data.
  • Client ID. On the page of Keys and OAuth of the QuickBooks, described on the previous step, there is a client ID. You have to copy it and apply it in the Accountfy platform, at the indicated site;
  • Client Secret. The same happens with the client secret;
  • URI Re-directioner. Copy the Accountfy code and paste it on the Quickbooks connection page in which you find your above credentials.

3. Select the origin of the company information

In this step, you need to change the origin of the information from your Accountfy companies in the editing of the Economic Group. To know more about Information Source, access the file.

In the configurations mode, click on the options companies located pn the left corner.

Make sure that the company’s Origin of information is the Integration option via apps, after choosing the Quickbooks card.

To finalize, a Quickbooks mode must open requesting login to link the accounts. Login with your Quickbooks account and password.

After authentication, the option of available companies shall appear. You must select the reference company.

Make sure that the company currency in the Accountfy is the same currency company currency in the Quickbooks. Note that in the selection list of companies the initials of the currency uses in the Quickbooks is displayed.

With these steps finalized, the Quickbooks now becomes the origin of information of your companies.

4. Carry out the import of the Ledger data

If you’ve followed all the above steps, you already linked your Quickbooks accounts to the Accountfy and changed the origin of information. Now you have to make the request for importing data. To do that, access the file Import via integration.

The token of your automatic login in the quickbooks has a 90-day validity. Because of that, it has expired, you shall be informed and shall have to redo the login.