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General Aspects

The flow of creating a totalizer is very similar to that of creating assumptions. Click on the (+) button and then on “Totalizer”.

Types of Totalizers

Totalizers are groupers of assumptions by rows. There are three types:


This type of totalizer adds up the number of assumptions (by rows) that are above it.


This totalizer performs a simple average of the values that are above it.


This totalizer adds up all the assumptions that are above it.

Ignore Zero Values

This option allows the totalizer to perform its grouping action by ignoring zero assumption values.

Consistency Check

The consistency check is a way of making sure that the number presented in the assumptions and totalizers is the correct one, but brings a different mathematical operation.

When you mark the consistency check, it will appear as follows within a subcategory:

Once the check is in a subcategory, you can associate it with a formula (fx) or hide the consistency check row (eye icon).

When the value of the check is different from the values of its assumptions, its indexer will turn red:

Customization of colors (text and fill)

As with creating an assumption, you can customize the appearance of the totalizer by changing the styling between bold and italic, as well as the font and background colors.

Associate to Forecast (only for Forecast scenarios)

When you select the option to associate to Forecast, you need to select a financial account or Management Structure for the posting to be created in the Forecast module (more information here).

You can select a financial account or Management Structure by its name or account code:

Round off

This option allows the setting of rounding values of decimal places up or down.


Totalizers can meet some filter criteria to perform the assumption grouping, the options being companies and labels.


Select the checkbox of the companies that should compose the totalizer:


The same behavior applies to labels: