Revision Management

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Revision Management

General Overview

In this modal you can view all active and archived revisions. To get access, click on the contextual menu and then on Revision Workflow.

  1. To carry out mass actions, i.e., replicate an action for all selected revisions at once, mark the check boxes of the desired revisions.
  2. Clicking on the colored status bar to the left of the revision, you can quickly change its urgency status;
  3. You can search for a specific revision, or you can Filter it in a list of revisions by status or users.
  4. Only the author or designated responsible persons for a revision can change its status.
  5. Clicking on the icon, you can view the Revision message historical. The icon, with the function to archive the Revision will appear enabled for its author.
  6. Here you have access to archived revisions by users of the Economic Group.

Mass actions

Change Urgency

Archived revisions

Here you see similar functions to what was previously displayed on the main Revision Workflow screen. The differences are in following icons:  unarchives the revision and returns it to the Revision Workflow list. Clicking the icon takes you back to the list of current revisions. Finally, by clicking on the icon , you will permanently delete your revision.