Configuring Comparative Dashboard

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General overview

By clicking on the conceptual menu with the option  Configure Comparative Dashboard and then in Configure Columns, you can change panel visualization as you want.

Below is a list of highlighted elements that allows this customization, and which are explained in sequence.

  1. Formula field: insert a formula for each column, according to the following guidance;
  2. Sort (drag-and-drop): configure columns the way you want;
  3. Insert column description: change the column header;
  4. Element which inserts a Separator between columns: with separators, you improve sorting your scenarios;
  5. Exclusion icon: excludes one or more columns.

Concept of Formulas – User’s Guide

To understand the concept of Formulas, we will use the User’s Guide for this theme. You will find it within the configuring columns option, on the symbol (?).

  1. Periodicity: is the timeframe to be considered. It can be monthly (Month), trimestral (Quarter), semestral (Semester) or annual (Year to Date);
  2. Reference date: here, the most recent (or the present period) is represented by 0 (zero). Positive numbers (+) represent future periods while negative (-) numbers represent previous periods;
  3. Type of information: Forecast (main scenario) is represented by the letter F and the Secondary scenario is represented by the letter P;
  4. We also have a few formulas using “E” and their logics are explained within the use guide itself.

it is in worth to remind that the formulas are preformatted for greater facility in the construction of your comparison analyses. But you can also build them as you wish, without having the obligatoriness of using a suggestion from the Accountify.

Sorting (drag-and-drop)

You can sort your scenario columns intuitively. Click on the button that appears to the left of the information referring to columns, by placing the cursor over them. Drag-and-drop where you want the column to go.

Change column description

You can change the description of column headers of your scenario. Simply click on the field and describe what you want, and the change will be updated immediately.

Separator between columns

Another possibility to edit the configuration of your scenario, is the inclusion of Separators. They are represented graphically by empty spaces and divide the columns at the places you defined.


Finally, you can exclude columns by clicking on trash can icon .