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The platform’s new filter is a complete component created to support in-depth data analyses. It can be found in the Financial Statements and Dashboards modules. This functionality will be soon available In the Comparative Dashboard, Forecast, and Consolidation modules.


Visual Aspects

To display filter options, simply click on the filter icon, located next to the contextual menu of each module. After selecting the filter options, click on Apply to run the filter.

When selecting a filter option, the symbol will change to purple with indication of the number of filter dimensions applied. In the Financial Statements, for instance, the initial line of the table and inside the detailing modules also turn purple, indicating that a filter was applied.

Filter Dimensions

There are some rules to combine dimensions in the filter, so that the displayed data is consistent. See the examples below:

  1. You cannot apply View and Company dimensions simultaneously, because when you create a View, you already establish which companies are to be displayed, as described in the article Tag Views;
  2. Only one View at a time can be selected;
  3. Tag Filter and Cost Center cannot be applied simultaneously, because they correspond to similar dimensions on the platform;
  4. In Tags, the filter can only be applied if the text belongs to the same category and the same record, otherwise no values will be shown in the tables.

All these rules have automatic locks that block the selection of the option when the scenario is not available.


The tag filter displays only values that comprise the set of selected tags. For instance, when selecting tags A and B, belonging to different categories, only the entries that have the tags A and B in common shall be displayed.

Because of that, the tags search field is located within a category and the search result corresponds to the tags belonging to the selected category.

This takes place to ensure that, in the other categories, only the tags that are related to the earlier selections in other categories be enabled, giving greater visibility in the possible combinations of tags from distinct categories.