Introduction to Consolidation

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1. General View

To access Consolidation mode, click on the desired option in the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

On the main screen, you will find the Income Statement and Balance Sheet per company, as well as the elimination and consolidation values for the reference month (base date).

2. Visualization and display aspects

It is possible to sort the tables according to each user’s preference. To do so, simply click and drag the desired table to the new position. The system will remember this order even if you leave the module or platform.

The structures can also be expanded and collapsed all at once. To perform this function, you must click on the option located on the left-hand side of each table header.

3. Conversion of Company values

Multi-currency companies have a switch in the header of each table where you can switch between the group currency and the company currency.

4. Copy logic to other months

It is possible to copy all the logic from the reference month (base date) to other months. To perform this action, simply click on the COPY LOGIC button, located next to the contextual menu, at the top of the page.

In the mode, select a month, indicate whether you want to delete the old deletions and confirm the action by clicking COPY. Now, the logic of the reference month (base-date) will be copied to the new month.

To copy for other months, simply repeat the same action.

To access the mode’s options, click on the contextual menu located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Preferences: set the reference date (base date) and whether you want to hide the structures without values (if checked, this option omits such structures from the tables, leaving only those that have some value in at least one company);

Consolidation scenario: list of the companies in the economic group, their holding companies, shareholdings, and currencies. For further information,click here;

Eliminations: list of all the eliminations performed. For further information, click here;

Import Consolidation: You can import your consolidation through an XLS spreadsheet. For further information,click here;

Create a financial account: modal for creating an off-book financial account. To create it, simply enter the code, name, and type of the structure with which it will be associated;

Off-book financial accounts do not exist in the economic group chart of accounts, however, they impact the financial statements through eliminations.

Export to XLS: This enables you to export the consolidation to an Excel® spreadsheet;

Financial Account breakdown: List with the chart of accounts of all companies in the economic group. For further information,click here.