Global variables

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Inserting Global Variables

To create a global value, go to the upper menu and click on the hashtag symbol and there you will find all variables already created to be able to insert them into the document; you can also search to find them easier, or create a new variable.

By clicking on “Create Global Variable” the following modal will open:

  • Name: define the name of the global variable;
  • Type of variable: define if the type is numeric, text or formula variable;
  • Content: shows the contents in the document or presentation;
  • Category: is the list serving to group several global variables.

After creating the variable, it will be added to your variable panel, enabling to search by name or by choosing a specific category.

To insert a global variable in the text, click on the right mouse in the space and click on “Insert global variable”.

Clicking on the option “Insert global variable”, the category panel will open to choose the variable in issue:

After choosing the variable it will appear as shown below: