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Inserting Exploratory Notes

You can insert an explanatory note by clicking on the “Note” button:

Then, a note configuration modal will open:

First, define the title of the explanatory note and then, select its structure.

In sequence, select the chosen table and the option “Explanatory Notes”.

The note will be updated automatically with the table; but for this end it is necessary to click on the yellow update button:

Your note will look as shown below:

Inserting an Auxiliary Note

To create an auxiliary note, select the main note and click on the auxiliary inclusion note icon:

A new modal will open to choose the name and structure of the auxiliary note, like the configuration of the main note:

After inserting the auxiliary note, you need to update the document again, with the association of the notes should appear as follows:

Important: by excluding the main note, the respective secondary notes will become individual and main notes. Additionally, you can also change the order of the auxiliary notes.

It is possible to associate more than one note to the same structure; the table will then appear as shown below: