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In this article, we will cover ways of creating eliminations in the Consolidation module.


Creating eliminations

You can create eliminations in four different ways. See below what they are and how to do them.

1) Consolidation breakdown

In the Income Statement or Balance Sheet tables, at the end of each management structure, click the icon .

In the mode, all accounts that comprise that management structure will be displayed. By clicking on the value corresponding to a particular company, access the option to define the desired elimination.

Note that the source company and financial account are already filled in; all you have to do is select the target company and financial account.

You can also set the elimination percentage from 0% to 100%. The elimination amount will be calculated considering this parameter.

To set the elimination, simply click APPLY

Another way to create eliminations is through the contextual menu, located in the top-left corner of the screen. From there, select Deletions.

This modal displays all the eliminations you have already defined. You can edit them directly on the screen or create a new one. For the second option, click the button in the top right corner of the mode.

In the next step, define the source company and financial account, choose an absolute value, entered manually or by means of formula, automatically bringing the value of the financial account you want to delete. To create the elimination, click SAVE.

Impact on Cash Flow

By default, every elimination created will impact the Cash Flow. If you do not want it to have an impact, change this option in the elimination line to No.

Mass Actions

By selecting two or more deletions in the list, you can perform mass actions such as Cash Flow impact and elimination. To do this, select the desired deletions and choose the action at the top of the mode.

3) Financial Account Breakdown

From the contextual menu, located in the upper left corner of the screen, select Financial Account Breakdown.

In the modal, all financial accounts from the chart of accounts of the economic group will be displayed. You can filter them using the search field and select the account you want to delete by clicking on the value corresponding to the desired company.

In the new mode, follow the steps from item 1 above.

4) Consolidation Import

Finally, you can import an XLS spreadsheet with its eliminations. To import it, go to the contextual menu, located in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose Consolidation Import.

In the next modal, select the file, the reference date (month/year), and define the columns where each piece of information is placed in your spreadsheet. When everything is filled in, select one of the two options below:

  1. Insert eliminations: inserts the sheet’s deletions, keeping the current ones;
  2. Delete and insert eliminations: Deletes current eliminations and inserts new ones.