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The operation tables are directed to explain variations of values on a certain period. Through them it is possible to create tables for Explanatory Notes, such as: Fixed Assets Map, SCNA (Statements of Change of Change of Net Assets), SAV (Statement of Added Value), among other tables that explain the operation of values.

You can enter this kind of table in the document or in the presentation, within the Reports module. All you have to do is to click on the icon (+), located on the formatting bar and choose the kind of operating table that you want.

Layout of the tables

There are two formats for these tables:

Tables with a single management structure

In the tables with only one management structure, the columns correspond to the values of the Controller company or the Consolidated of companies. In this manner, the whole table explains only the operation of the selected structure.

Tables with multiple management structures

Here, each management structure corresponds to a column, being possible to add more than one structure. In this structure, the view of the Controlling Company and Consolidated Values is separated into two distinct tables.

With this viewing, it is possible to explain the variation of different management structures in a single table.

Configuring a table

The configuring of both tables is similar. The first action to be done when opening a table is to choose a management structure and the desired period.

Having done that, the preview shall display a table with 3 lines:

  1. Balance of the structures selected on the last day of the month of the initial date defined;
  2. Operation calculated automatically to arrive at the final balance;
  3. Balance of the structures selected on the last day of the month of the final date defined.

Observe that above the configuration of date there is a checkbox for adding another period. When selecting it, it is possible to enter a new period of comparison of values:

Observe that when the final date of the first period is equal to the initial date of the second period, the lines appear unified in the tables.

Adding lines

To explain the operations of the selected structure, it is possible to add various lines and define a formula for each line.

To understand more about the formulas mode, access [link modal fórmula].

On tables with multiple structures and several added lines, it is necessary to define the formulas of the lines for each corresponding column.

(!) The formula shall take the variation of the selected period into consideration.

Therefore, if the selected period corresponds to a quarter and the value defined in the formula is equal to 1, then, a variation equal to 3 shall appear on the table.

The titles of all the lines are editable, just click to change them.

Lastly, it is possible to filter the values displayed by company and consider consolidation, eliminations and management adjustments. Including those from the formulas.