Introduction to Financial Modeling

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Introduction to Financial Modeling

1. General Aspects

To access the Financial Modeling module, click on the desired option in the navigation menu on the left of the screen.

2. Scenarios

Selector to change or create a scenario.

3. Categorias

Selector to change or create a category.

4. Tabs

General tab settings.

5. Subcategories

Name change or exclusion of subcategories.

6. Modeling Table

Main display regarding the values of Financial Modeling.

7. Creating Assumptions/Totalizers

Button for creating various types of assumptions and totalizers.

8. Filters by columns

Button for adding additional filters for columns.

9. Subcategories Menu

Move or copy actions make up the subcategory menu.

10. Editing an assumption

Button for editing a previously created assumption.

11. Preferences

Module settings modification.