Creating a document or presentation

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Creating a document or presentation

This module will provide you access to create documents to create Explanatory Notes, with the possibility to attach documents, graphs, and tables from other Accountfy modules.

To create a document, you need to press the “New Document” button:

  1. Click to create a document or presentation
  2. Button to create a document/presentation when no saved file exists
  3. Document or presentation search bar
  4. Addition or exclusion of a document or presentation

Clicking on the create button will open a new modal for initial configurations:

In this modal you can choose:

  • Document name
  • Reference Date
  • Flexibilization of page height (only available for “Document” type)

Text editing functions

After finishing the initial configurations, you will be directed to the document, and now we will talk about text editing functions contained in it:

  1. Text style: choice of three types of titles (H1,H2, and H3) and two text size options (medium and small)
    Text alignment: left, right, central, or justify
    List: numbered or ordered from least to greatest
  2. Text format: bold, italic, underscored and strikethrough
  3. Colors: font and background colors, both chosen by color pallets or hexadecimal code
  4. Global Variable: specific contextual menu for creation of global variables
  5. Zoom: zoom in the document (scales from 25% to 150%)

Document editing functions

On the upper portion of the modal, you will find several functionalities that impact directly on the configurations of the document/presentation.

  1. Document name: clicking on the field name allows to change it
    Document search: helps to find words
    Save: allows you to save any document
    Visualize: carry out a pre-visualization of the document in PDF format
    Download: export in different formats .pdf, .docx and.doc
    Full screen: changes document view to full screen, providing greater immersion
    Contextual menu: comprising five options detailed below
  2. Layout orientation: Picture or Landscape
  3. Reference Date (will be included in statements and graphs)

Contextual Menu:

Document configurations: thismodal allows to change the type of font and font size (small, normal, and large).

Header and footer: allow the creation of headers, with option to add images. The footer also enables to number the pages.

Update all tables: updates all tables automatically, using the reference data preestablished in the initial document configuration.

Reference date: enables to change the overall document reference date.