Enabling Access to Accountfy Support

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For assistance by our support team in the best way possible, it is important to provide access to your Business Group by creating a service token with defined validity.

To enable or disable access, just click on the padlock located in the lower right corner of the card in your Economic Group. Alternatively, through the contextual menu of the same card, select the Token option.

By generating the token, an Accountfy consultant will be able to associate it with your service and help you solve your question faster.

By generating the token, an Accountfy consultant will be able to associate it with your service and help you solve your question faster.

Why generate a service token?

Access to your group is restricted to your users. No other user, not even our support team*, will be able to access your data. Therefore, when you generate a support token, you grant access by the consultant providing support for a limited time, with full control to revoke this action any time. Thus, we ensure total transparency in the attendance process when it is necessary to share access to the economic group.

*During the implementation period, it is possible that our team is invited, with client’s consent, as a user of the economic group, having access to it during this phase.

Privacy policy: we take our client data privacy very seriously. That is why, at the end of your service, you can again block access to our support, leaving your information accessible only to users of the Economic Group, according to the permissions previously configured by the administrator.

Viewing active tokens in the Economic Group

To see which token is active, as well as the historical of the tokens of a certain economic group, access the contextual menu of thecard, in the opening screen, and select the option Tokens.

In case you still do not have an active token, it will be generated in a different mode. If you already have an active token, the option to revoke it will appear. In both cases there is an icon, located on the upper right corner of this mode which provides access to the token historical generated by that Economic Group.

In the historical, revoked tokens will appear crossed out; tokens generated but pending association with an Accountfy Advisor appear flagged with a yellow bar, while active tokens are flagged with a green bar.

Revoking a generated token

There are three ways to revoke a token:

1. By means of the selector (padlock) in the card of the group

To revoke the token, simply move the padlock to the opposite side and confirm the operation.

2. By means of the contextual menu

By accessing the option Tokens of the contextual menu of the card of the group, click on the button Revoke tokenand confirm the operation.

3. By means of the token historical mode

In token historical mode it is also possible to revoke valid tokens. Simply click on the icon represented by a crossed-out key and confirm the operation.

Administrators of the economic group can revoke active tokens from other users.