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By means of notifications, you are informed about relevant situations that can impact your daily life with Accountfy. You can access your notifications by clicking on the icon, located on the upper right corner. When new notifications are issued, the icon will receive an alert indication.


Notification Center

  1. Recent notification
  2. Storing a notification: you can store a recent notification in the notification center;
  3. User preferences: you will be directed to your notification preferences screen:
  4. Notification center: modal with all received notifications;
  5. Selection box: click to select all notifications
  6. Exclude permanently: with this option, you can erase your notifications permanently.

By clicking on the icon, new notifications will have a yellowish bar, indicating they have not yet been read. Once viewed, the bar changes to gray. You can click on the icon to store a notification.

You can access your stored notifications by clicking on “View All”, and your notifications from the past six months will appear. You can select all notifications by clicking on the checkbox, and if you want to delete them permanently, just click on the icon.

Clicking on the icon + takes you to your notification preferences.

Notification preferences

  1. Sound alert: is available for notifications received on the platform. You can enable or disable it;
  2. Channel for receipt of notifications: you have the option to choose through which channels you would like to be notified;
  3. Notification categories: situations in which you may choose to be notified;
  4. Redefine the standard notification mode: means to receive all notifications on the platform and by e-mail.

Notification categories

You may be notified for following situations:

  • 1. Invitation for new users and confirmation of registration;
  • 2. Password recovery;
  • 3. Invitation to, or removal from a group;
  • 4. Exclusion or changes to confidential group information;
  • 5. Status of trial balances and ledger imports;
  • 6. Updates and revision status, such as remarks, reminders, and invitations to review;
  • 7. System maintenance or instability.

Categories 1, 2 and 7 have mandatory notifications linked to them, and therefore, you will not find them in the Notification Preferences. In the remaining categories, you can choose if you want to receive them and by which channels.

Channel for receipt of notifications

When you register with Accountfy, the standard for notifications is to receive them by e-mail and on the platform, with the sound alert active. But you can change those preferences.


By choosing Platform, you will receive notifications directly on the Accountfy platform, with the option to receive them with a sound alert or not. To access them, click on the icon located on the upper right corner.


By choosing the option Desktop, you authorize notifications to be received directly on your computer screen. In such case, sound configurations will be linked to your browser’s configurations. 

Make sure that Accountfy is authorized to forward notifications to your browser. Normally, your browser notification manager can be found in Configuration or Options.


By choosing the E-mail option, you will receive notifications in your registered e-mail. You can consult them in Edit Profile. For safety reasons, there are cases in which the option for notification receipt via e-mail cannot be disabled, for being the main communication channel between Accountfy and the user.

Redefining notification standards

For you to redefine notification configurations, simply click on the phrase in red clicking on “Redefine standard notification configuration”, located at the end of the Notification Preference mode. This action activates receipt of all notifications via e-mail and platform, besides activating the sound alert.