Uploading Trial Balances

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  1. To import one or multiple trial balances, just click on the button of the Upload Information module.

Upload Modal

Importing a trial balance

  1. Input to upload (import) a file from an XLS or XLSX spreadsheet;
  2. Select the Company to be associated to the trial balance to be imported into the platform and its respective reference month;
  3. In these fields, you must define the spreadsheet columns corresponding to codeaccounting account namebalance, and the relation Debtor/Creditor;
  4. In the subsequent options, you must indicate whether Accountfy should interpret the hierarchy automatically of its accounting accounts and/or the balance sign, i.e., if negative or positive; or follow the organization and indications of your spreadsheet;
  5. You can also define whetheryour spreadsheet column A is intended for indication of the Synthetic and Analytic accounting accounts;
  6. Based on the number of characters of the code you indicated, Accountfy automatically interprets and classifies the analytic accounts of that trial balance.

Importing multiple spreadsheets

In this option, it is possible to import multiple trial balances in a single operation. This phase has the same structure as indicated in the importing a trial balance tab.

  1. In this             tab you must indicate which columns are related to the companies and their respective cost centers.
  2. In this option, it is only possible to define if automatic hierarchy will be considered (or not) to import all trial balances.
  3. Based on the number of characters of the code you indicated, Accountfy automatically interprets and classifies which accounts of all trial balances are analytic.

Importing Ledger Records

In this tab you can import Ledger records in the same way you import trial balances, selecting an XLS or XLSX spreadsheet containing this information, indicating the company and reference month. Configure as described below:

  1. Indicate the columns in your spreadsheet corresponding to the Code, accounting account, value, D/C, description, record date and cost center.
  2. Indicate (if necessary) optional information that can help provide details for Debtor/Creditor records, as for instance: project descriptions, seller’s name, department, number of bills of sale or receipts etc.

Importing classifications

If this option is not available in your Economic Group, contact our support team.

Classification of accounting accounts can be made manually or be imported in this tab. The process for importing follows the same logic of the remaining tabs. In this case you must indicate the columns from the XLS or XLSX spreadsheets referring to the accounting account code and identification of the management structure.

You can use the same classifications you already use in another economic group to which you have access, in this case select Import classification of an Economic Group and choose the group from which you want to import the information.