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New Tab

To create a new tab, click with the “+” button, located below the Category name:

To list all tabs in the selected category, click the list button, placed between the create button and the other tabs that have already been created.

Listing Tabs

Tab sorting (drag-and-drop)

To change the current order of tabs, click and drag the chosen tab within the tabs’ modal:

Tab Customization

Clicking on a specific tab will open a menu with several options for customization, such as:

Rename: renames the selected tab;

Replicate Tab: Creates a mirror tab, where everything filled in one tab will also be filled in the other tab;

Replicate with the formula: creates an exact copy of the tab, respecting its formula rules and assumptions;

Change color: allows you to change the color of the tab;

Block editing: allows you to completely lock the selected tab for editing;

Delete: delete the selected tab.