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to view the information and options of this module, it is necessary to already have created at least one scenario in the Forecast Module in the web platform of Accountfy.

In the Comparative Panel module you shall have the possibility of carrying out comparisons between realized amounts and a comparison scenario previously created via web platform.

You can make the comparison of what there is on the Realized amount with what there is in the Forecast for any of the financial statements available in the Accountfy (Statement of Result, Direct Cash Flow, Indirect Cash Flow, or Equity Balance), in addition to carrying out configuration of preferences and adding filters.

Important: to make viewing easier it is possible to use the landscape mode of your smartphone or tablet. To view the entire table it is possible to perform the horizontal scroll in the tables.

Detailing of the Account

Clicking on the icon in the last column of the table, you can view the financial accounts, comparing them between the Real and Forecast view.


Click on the contextual menu you shall have the other options listed below:

  1. Scenario: to select the comparison scenario;
  2. Scenario (secondary): to select the secondary comparison selection, if one is foreseen;
  3. The reference date: you define the period which the structures of your choice shall be compared to;
  4. Display alerts and comments: enable/disable the display of alerts and comments. These alerts or comments are displayed as lines in the lower part of the cell corresponding to the item “noted down” of the table. Note that only one of the two options can be chosen;
  5. Configure columns: you can enable/disable the display of specific columns;


Beside the contextual menu, it is possible to open the filter option. When clicking in the icon, a mode is opened with the options of filter by available companies, cost center, labels, view and consider adjustments, consolidation and/or participation.

After selecting all the filters you must click in the Apply button to apply it to the Comparative Panel.

It is always possible to remove the configurations of filters when clicking on the option “Clear all filters”.

Selection of tables

By means of the Accountfy application you can view four types of financial statements: Demonstration of Result, Direct Cash Flow, Indirect Cash Flow and Balance sheet.

By default the Statement of Result is displayed, but to view another financial statement all you have to do is click on the button “Selection of tables” to open the mode with the existing statement options, and then click on the desired option.