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The option to merge accounting accounts allows you to transform two accounts into one. This action is important, mainly, when the account has some typing error and appears duplicated.

In Upload Information, it is possible to merge accounting accounts in three different ways: through the contextual menu, clicking on the right mouse button over the account or selecting the two accounts selecting action in bulk.

Rules for account consolidation

  • Only two accounts can be merged at the same time.
  • The accounts must be of the same type – Analytic or Synthetic – and must have the same classification and structure.

In the Uploading Information contextual menu, is an option to Merge accounts. By clicking on the action, the merging accounts module will be opened.

In the first case, it is necessary to type the names of both accounts you want to unify. The first name refers to the account to be merged and the second name, to the merging account. After this action only the unified account will be shown with the sum of the values of both accounts. By typing part of the name, the platform already locates all accounting accounts available to be merged.

Clicking on the button in the example in the image, you change the nature of accounts between the merged and the merging account.

Right mouse button over the accounting account

By clicking with the right mouse button over the accounting account, you can merge it with another account. In this case, the accounting account will appear in the module automatically as the account to be merged and the posting actions or inversion of the nature remain the same as in the foregoing example.

Selection mass action

Both in  trial balances as in the Chart of Accounts, it is possible to select two accounting accounts to be merged. Simply click on the selection box of the accounts you want to unify, and the Merge accounts option will appear on the screen top in the search bar. By selecting more than two accounts or accounts of different types, this action will appear blocked, as in the example below:

In this last case both accounts, merged and merging, will appear filled out in the consolidation modal and it is possible to invert them.