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Creating a Comment

You can add comments to values on your tables. To add a comment, click with the right mouse button on the specific value of the Financial Statements table, and select the option Create Comment. Or access the contextual menu selecting the option Comments and, in the following modal, click on the button .

In creation modal, fill out the following fields:

If you are creating a comment using the right mouse button menu, some information will already come filled out automatically, such as month and line (management structure or accounting account).

  1. Reference month of the comment;
  2. Company to which this comment will be related;
  3. Which management structure or accounting account the comment refers to.
  4. In this field, describe your comment in up to 1,000 characters.
  5. Finally, assign a classification tag to your new comment: positive, negative, alert, or informative.

Displaying a Comment

To view the newly created comment, you must repeat the process of right-clicking on the value and selecting Show Comments. Thus, all indications of existing comments will be displayed in their respective structures

To read one or more comments for that month/structure or account, move the cursor over the corresponding value.

List with all comments

To view a list of all comments created in the economic group, click on  and then on Comments.

In the following modal, you can filter comments by Management Structure/Accounting Account (item 1), Company (item 2) or Month (item 3).

To add a new comment, select the button  (item 4).

In the Mother Column in the Financial Statements table, dashed lines below specific values (in this case a point with a negative sign) indicates that there is a Comment in this Column. To see in which Daughter column the comment is, click on the arrow to the left of the line to expand it. A recently created Comment will be shown by a full line, below the value.