Statement of Added Value – SAV

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The Statement of Added Value (SAV) is an accounting statement with the objective to evidence the wealth generated by the company in a certain timeframe and the way it was distributed among the several sectors involved in the process.

SAV provides details on how this wealth was distributed among employees, suppliers, financing agents, shareholders, and government, i.e., among all sectors that participated, directly or indirectly, in its generation. It is, thus, a way of showing how the company contributed to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Configuring the SAV table

In the Management Structures module, access the SAV tab. Click on the type of structure you prefer to build the table and drag it to the right. The Summation Structures indicate the total Added Value and the Total Added Value Distribution. Following accounting rules, their values must be equivalent.

In the example, fictitious names were used for the structures on the right side of the screen and all of them are editable.

The Operational Indicator Structures are recommended for displaying the information that make up the summation structures; in the example, Total Added Value and Total Value Distribution.

To analyze SAV formation, access the Financial Statements module in the selection field located in the right screen corner, where an option list for changes to net assets (SCNA) and added value (SAV) will appear, select it to view the tables in question.