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Create an Alert

The process to create alerts is similar to the process to create comment. Therefore, click with the right mouse button and on Create alert or access the contextual  menu; select the Alerts option, and click on its button.

By opening the modal, you will find the following specificities shown below:

  1. Describe your alert in up to 200 characters;
  2. Define in which line of the Financial Statements your Alert will be created (management structure or accounting account);
  3. In Tolerance, you define the reference value for which your alert will be created;
  4. Define if the tolerance value will be shown in percentages or monetary values.
  5. Finally, choose a parameter for the moment the alert should be shown.

In case the Alert does not exceed the tolerance value, it will be indicated with a yellow circle. However, in case the adopted parameters to trigger the alert were exceeded, they will be indicated by a red circle.

Configuring alert parameters

Monetary value: by clicking on monetary value, you can configure individual values for each month.

Using a formula: in this function, you can insert the formula to be applied for all months.

Displaying an Alert

Para exibir os alertas existentes, clique com o botão direito e selecione Exibir alertas.

The hollow red circle in the Mother Line indicates that an alert was created. To view in which Daughter Line the Alert is, click on the arrow at the left of the line to expand it. The recently created Alert will be represented by a circle filled in red.

To display the alert, place your mouse cursor over the circle (red or yellow).

Assim como em comentários, para visualizar os demais alertas criados, clique em e depois em Alertas.

In the Alerts module you have the following functions:

  1. Filter to search for alerts;
  2. Button to create a new alert;
  3. Information about each alert, as well as configuration through monetary value or formula and alert exclusion.