Managing an Added structure

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In the Management Structures mode you can change the hierarchy between Structures by clicking and dragging each one. In addition, you can edit previously added information.

Editing information

To edit an added Management Structure, just click on its icon.

In edit mode, you can edit following information:

  • Structure name: rename the structure with the name you want;
  • Description: optional information to improve structure details;
  • Impact on Direct and Indirect Cash Flow: define how you want to see the impact of these structures on the corresponding Cash Flows. These options do not appear in summation structures;
  • Type of exchange rate: exchange rate that will impact the structure. There are three types of exchange rates: average monthly, final exchange rate, which considers the last business day of the month and historical exchange rate, which considers the historical average;
  • Pertinence to Net Equity. This indication is available to create the SCNA table. This option is only available for Liability structures.

Impact on cash flow

In addition, the flag of structures with pending items appears at the top of the screen, above the SAVE STRUCTURE button.
To identify the structures with pending Cash Flow and Exchange rate parameterization, just look for the structures with yellow icons.

Pertinence to Net Equity

In the management structures of Liabilities, it is possible to select which ones belong to Equity. To do so, simply edit the structure and select the “Belongs to NA” option. Furthermore, it is necessary to parameterize the name with which this structure will appear in the SCNA.a.

Types of totalization

It is possible select a type of totalization for all the Operational Indicator structures in the result:

This type of totalization is displayed in the Financial Statements.

Excluding a structure

You can exclude a Management Structure at any time. Just click on its icon.

Remember that all associated Accounts to that structure will lose their classification and will need to be reclassified as submodule Uploading Trial Balances.

In case you exclude a Cash Flow structure, the remaining structures impacting it will return to be pending for parameterization, signaled by the yellow CF icon.

The first Indirect CF structure after the opening account balance represents the Management Structure from which the Indirect CF should start. Example: Net Income, EBITDA, among others.

Do not forget to parameterize all structures in the tabs Assets, Liabilities, Result, Direct CF, and Indirect CF.

Remember: save your changes with the button Save Structure.