Types of totalization

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To change the type of totalization, right-click on top of the name of structure and then select the type of totalization required:

The type of totalization that is in use shall be displayed when passing the mouse over the total.

When changing the type of totalization in the Comparative Dashboard, it is automatically changed to the Dashboard of Realized Values.

Understanding types of totalization on the Comparative Dashboard

On the Comparative Dashboard, the totalization options are the same ones that we have on the Dashboard of Realized Values (None, Sum, Average, First Entry and Last Entry); however, they work in a different manner. 

  1. None: The formula that was placed on the operational indicator structure shall be used;
  2. Sum: The values shall be summed in accordance with the column’s periodicity. Example:If you use a sum function on a semester column we shall add up the values of the whole semester in question, always considering the formula within the structure;
  3. Average: The upload data on the Accountfy shall always be considered. For instance, if on a Semester column you use the average type of totalization, we shall consider in the calculation only the months that had upload in the platform, so that the calculation does not go wrong;
  4. First entry: First entry of the year in accordance with the reference date;
  5. Last entry: Last entry of the year in accordance with the reference date.

The types of totalization are applicable in all the columns of the Comparative Dashboard, having information from the Dashboard of Realized values or the Forecast Dashboard.