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Only administrative users can manage accesses to Accountfy.


There are two user functions:

Allowed to manage Economic Groups and companies to which he belongs, besides inviting and managing permissions for access by users and teams of the group.

Common user
Not allowed to manage Economic Groups, companies, and provide access permissions.

Inviting a user

There are two ways to invite users to take part in an Economic Group:

  1. In the My Groups screen, in the contextual menu, in the option Access Management;
  2. Inside an Economic Group, in the option list with the name of your group (option Access Management).

In access management mode, click on (+) to invite an user.

In the next mode, fill in the information of the user, beginning with his e-mail.

Select the user access profile in the present Economic Group. Each user can have different profiles in different Economic Groups, i.e., he may be administrator in one group, but have a common user profile in another group. This ensures that individuality in management of each Economic Group is preserved.

Enable access using a Google account

An option for the user to login using his Google account is available. For this end just click on the box Enable access with Google account.

This option cannot be changed later, in other words, once chosen, the user must access the platform always through validation by Google (learn more in How to Login into the platform).

Associated companies

Each user has individual access to the companies of the Economic Group. You can mark all or choose from the list.

Associate the team

The user can be associated to a team which has been already created in the Economic Group.

By clicking on Invite user, an invitation e-mail will be forwarded. In case a user is not registered in the platform, he will receive a temporary password and instructions for his first access.

Managing a user

To manage the access profile of a certain user, click on ‘edit user’ by means of the list in Access management mode:

Changing a profile to administrator/common user

To change a user profile, just click on the button Define as administrator (in case he is a common user) or Define as common user (in case he is an administrator). Note that, by changing the profile to common user, that user will lose access to this mode and can no longer manage accesses to the Economic Group.

Only users with Administrator profile are allowed to invite/change the status of another user.

Changing the team

It is possible to change and disassociate a user from the team.


Accountfy allows configuring individual access profiles of submodules. Each submodule has specific options, which can also be enabled/disabled. The user will only have access to the selected options.

Companies and Cost Centers and Tags

The user will only have access to companies, cost centers and tags that were selected.

Management Structures

The user will only have access to management structures that were selected.


The user will only have access to scenarios and categories that were selected.

Dashboards and Presentations

The user will only have access to selected graphics indicators and presentations that were selected.

Excluding a user

In the user screen, click on the icon located to the right of the mode. After confirmed, this option cannot be reversed.

The user will receive an e-mail notifying him/her that access to that Economic Group is no longer available.

It is important that each user’s permissions was correctly configured to have access to the information (submodules, companies, cost centers, etc.). In case you do not have access to some of the information and do not have access to user management, contact the Administrator of the Economic Group to validate those permissions.

Creating a team

To create a team, click on the “Create team” button. If the Economic Group already has teams created and you wish to add one more team, click on “(+)”.

Next, define the name of the team and the users that shall be associated to it.

The option of “Create new permissions” means that I want to create permissions solely for this team.

The option “Replicate existing permissions” means that I want to start from a team already created and then manage new accesses, if necessary.

Next, it is necessary to manage the accesses of the created team. It is important to know that as soon as team is created, the users associated to it have their accesses superimposed and this makes them lose their previous accesses.

Also as each user can belong only to one team, then, if the user is already associated to another team and is inserted in a new one, he shall be automatically excluded from the previous one and inserted in the new team that has been created.

After creating the team, if you want any user to have some access different from the team, all you have to do is to manage the user individually.

Displaying of the teams

When the Economic Group has one or more teams already created, it will be displayed as follows:

  1. When selecting one or more users in the list, it is possible to carry out two mass actions, remove users and change the team of users;
  2. Research field for teams;
  3. By means of the button “+” it is possible to invite new users for the Economic Group;
  4. It is possible to expand mode to gain more space;
  5. It is possible to change page by means of arrows or editing the page number;
  6. When clicking on the arrow, the list is organized by alphabetic order from A-Z or from Z-A, based on the team name;
  7. When clicking on the arrow, the list is ordered based on the number of team users;
  8. Quick menu for editing, duplicating and removing team.

It will be possible to perform actions on the screen such as editing, duplicating, removing and creating a team.

If the user still hasn’t accessed the platform, he shall stay as “pending” in the list of users.

And when an user has the permission different from the team that he is inserted on, a flag shall be shown indicating that that user has personalized accesses.