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In the My Groups screen, you have access to the information from economic groups that you are a part of, and on selecting a group, information of financial statement shall be provided in the context of this group.

You can also search for a group by means of the search bar located on the upper part of the screen, typing its name.

In the same manner that happens with the web version of the platform, the Economic Groups are represented by three types: Consolidator Group (consolidates other economic groups). Common Groups (consolidate only the companies that are inside them), and Model Group.

Group Information

To have access to the information from each Economic Group you must click on the icon on the upper right-hand of the card corresponding to the Group. The Group Information Mode shall be open displaying the information.

  • Name of the Economic Group;
  • Viewing unit;
  • Currency: default currency of the Economic Group;
  • Sign of the inverted liability: when this option is visible, it indicates that the Liability is multiplied by (-1);
  • Type of group: Model Groups are the basis for creating any economic groups, each with their own management structures and hierarchy. Consolidator Groups are the ones that use the information from other Economic Groups, consolidating it;
  • Registered companies: access to the registered companies screen of a group;

Registered companies

By means of the registered companies screen you have access to the information of the companies from an economic group:

  • Company name;
  • Nomenclature;
  • Corporate Registration Number (CNPJ);
  • Currency.

Just as it happens in the My Groups section, you can also make the search of companies by means of the search bars, located on the upper part of the screen.