Managing Records

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To see in detail the records from a company in a certain month, you must click on what you want to see in the records list. As shown in the Introduction to Upload Information, the status of each entry can present inconsistencies or errors. We will show these situations below.

Records without pendencies

The sum of all Ledger records is the value of the accounting account of the trial balance. This way, the footer is shown in green and the value will be zero.

Records with alerts

This happens when one or more records present some type of alert. They may be filtered in the footer – which will be yellow – with their respective descriptions, shown in each line. Alerts do not hinder to import records from the Ledger to the platform but indicates that the process presented some alerts.

Records with errors

In case an entry was not imported completely or is missing some information (or some spreadsheet column was informed incorrectly), the footer will be red, and in the table a list of the error alerts that can be corrected will be shown. In such case, it will be necessary to import the duly corrected records again.