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The integrations make the import of data in the Accountfy easier. Each company from a Economic Group can have different Origins of the information.

To import data from companies that integration, access the Information Upload module, click in the icon and select the Integrations. This action shall open the image mode below.

  1. Bulk action. Here you can select various companies and periods to carry out the import of information
  2. Update. When clicking on this button, the option to select the period for which you want to update the information appears;
  3. Update all the months. Here, you import all the available information. This behavior is recommended for the first load of values, for its ensures the import of all the available information;
  4. Origin. Indicates the site from which derive the information from that company, which can be another Economic Group, another company, integrations or applications such as Quickbooks.
  5. The column Updated indicates the date of the last import carried out;
  6. The column Available indicates the date of the last information available in Origin of information.

When clicking on updating, you shall be requesting the data of Origin of the company in question. This action can take a few minutes. Because of that, exit the mode and wait for the import.