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Revisions are workflows created to allow your team to analyze, justify and possibly correct information in your Financial Statements, all in the same place. You can track the status and set deadlines for each revision, making the process more organized and agile.


Requesting a Revision

Similar as demonstrated in the topics Alerts and Comments, by clicking with the right mouse button on values of the Financial Statements table, a menu with options will open and then you can select Request Revision.

  1. In this field, you can link one or more specific responsible parties in your revision request.
  2. Optionally, in these fields you can define the day and timeframes that the person(s) linked to your revision request will have to resolve what was commented on.
  3. Here you define the urgency of your revision request: low, medium, or high.
  4. Here you can write your request in up to 200 characters. Your comment will be the first message of the conversation between the reviewers, which should be as clear as possible.

After all fields are filled out, click on the button Request Revision to create the revision.

Display Revision

To view these and other revisions, click again with the right mouse button on the table, and then select Display Revisions.
As an alternative, you can enable them to be visualized in Preferences, in the contextual menu.

Important: If requests for revisions are carried out in a daughter structure, they will also be shown in the mother structure with the alert icon. To see them, you must expand the mother structure: Click on the arrow on the left side to see in which daughter structure the Revision is located.

Revision Details

By passing the cursor over the alert icon (with the color according to the urgency of the comment) you will see some information of the revision, and, clicking on Details, (in case you are one of the authors), will let you make a comment or (if you are not one of the authors), you can only view the message historical.

By clicking on details, you will find a modal with the specifications below:

  1. In this list, you can change the revision status;
  2. In case the revision was attended, you can archive it (only if you were the author).
  3. You can also edit or exclude your messages. For this end, simply access the menu that will appear by placing your cursor over the message and selecting your option. Note that excluded messages will be replaced by the message “Message excluded by user” to allow all responsible persons to learn about that action. Regarding edited messages, the last edit date will be shown.
  4. It is possible to add new comments inside the original revision and to have replicates from other platform users. The persons involved will be notified via invitation, at a change of status or priority and at each new message.