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In Accountfy, it is quite usual to view the accounting structures in tables which have a financial statements format within the Forecast, Comparative Panel, Consolidation and Financial Statements modules. To make reading and understanding easier, the platform allows expanding or retracing all the gathering structures. This function is useful if you want to view or hide all the daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter structures or only the main ones in a single click.

Expanding or retracting all the structures

The action available will be presented on the upper left corner of each table; i.e., if all the structures are already expanded, the option displayed shall be Retract all.

If the structures are retracted, the option displayed shall be Expand all.

The intended result is achieved by clicking on each option.

Expanding or retracting a specific structure

It is possible to expand or retract individual structures. To do that, just click on the icon to the side of each structure to expand it or on the icon to retract it.

The customized expanded/retracted view of the structures is exclusive per user, i.e., the preferences of a certain user does not interfere in an another’s view.