Consolidation scenario

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In this article, we will cover the details of the consolidation scenario. To access it, click on the contextual menu located in the upper right corner of the screen and choose this option.


General View

The modal displays the consolidation scenario related to the reference date (baseline date). In the mode’s module preferences, located in the contextual menu, you can change this date.

The list will display the companies in the economic group and information related to them:

  1. Parent company: none or another company from the same economic group can be indicated.
  2. Shareholding: value defined between zero and 100%;
  3. Currency: Company’s base currency. It can be equal or different from the currency of the economic group.

Only currencies registered in the exchange mode, accessed by the EDIT CURRENCY button, will be displayed in the list.

To ensure your edits take effect, don’t forget to click the SAVE CHANGES button.

Currencies and Monthly Exchanges

By clicking on the EDIT EXCHANGE button, you access the mode for including and editing the exchange rates of each company. It is important to emphasize that the exchange rates refer to the reference month (baseline date), and can be edited individually in the different periods.

To edit the exchange rates for a particular company, select it from the list located next to the reference month (baseline date).

Standard currency

At the bottom, the currencies that have already been created for that company are displayed. The first currency, shown here, which cannot be edited, is the default currency of the business group.

To set a different currency as the default for the group, simply click on the star icon of the desired currency, located at the end of the row. After confirmation, the new currency will be set as the default.

Adding currencies

To add a new currency, simply click the button located in the top right corner of the modal. A new option will appear in the list and the new currency can be set.

Once this is set, you will be able to edit the individual exchanges.

Creating and editing exchanges

You can define as many exchanges as you wish. To create them, simply click on + New Rate. Note that this option may be hidden by the horizontal scroll bar if there are many exchanges already created. To access it, scroll horizontally until the end of the screen.

To edit your name, click on the label at the top of the list, choose the desired name and press the ENTER key or click outside the field. To undo the change while editing, just press the ESC key.

If you want to delete the exchange, click on the trash can icon, located next to its name.

Each exchange rate has up to 8 decimal places.