Inversion of the Liabilities Sign

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General Overview

According to the accounting standard, Liabilities carry a negative sign. However, when dealing with management visualizations, requiring to follow liabilities evolution in graphs, multiplication of liabilities by (-1) is necessary for the data to be displayed positively above the X axis. For this reason, Accountfy enables the user to invert the Liabilities sign automatically.

You can view the Liability inversion option in two ways: when creating a new Business Group or when editing an already existing Business Group.

To access the Economic Group editing module follow the route: My Groups Home Screen > Contextual Menu, indicated by the icon > Edit Group.

When the “Invert Liabilities Sign” option is selected, the message “The liabilities sign is inverted” will be displayed in the upper right corner of the Balance Sheet tables in the Income Statement, Comparative Dashboard, and Forecast modes. The rule is also valid for exports.