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Release 41 (December 26, 2023)

Permissioning in Reports files

Now, in the Reports module, it is possible to define which users can and cannot access certain documents. Users with permission will be either Editors or Administrators.

Visit the module to find out more!

Other updates

  • Export Journal data in XLS or CSV format directly from the upload screen;
  • It is now possible to customize the Fiscal Year of the Economic Group;
  • In multi-currency groups, you are able to select the currency in the Notes Version Tables, into the Reports;
  • We have standardized the behavior of vertical and horizontal analyses and budgeted views.

Release 40 (June 22, 2023)

  • Creation of customizable tables from external spreadsheets, connected to the Forecast;
  • Automatic page break in Reports;
  • Fixed header in the consolidation, financial statements and comparative panel to help the users in the analyses of the large group numbers;
  • In the Financial Modeling, it starts to be possible for calculation memory administrators to block or unblock cell intervals;
  • Now it is possible to access the mobile application via biometry.

Release 39 (March 23, 2023)

  • Automatic updating of connection premises;
  • In Financial Modeling and Forecast, we now have blocking in processes when there is direct or indirect relationship reprocessing pending or running. This improvement ensures greater conformity and reliability in your numbers and results;
  • In Reports, the explanatory notes are now independent lines, so, we ensure greater fluidity for you to generate your file.
  • We have made the Consolidation and Management Adjustment filters available on the Statement of Change of Net Assets (SCNA) and Statement of Added Value (SAV) of the Reports;
  • In the Financial Statements, we shall display a feedback on the Financial Statements (FS’s) reprocessing;
  • For the purpose of offering time gain in the group’s parametrization, we shall indicate pendencies of exchange rates in the management structures;
  • In the Management of Entries, we shall have the bulk action of tags to help the user to make changes that shall involve all or a great part of the entries;
  • Now there is the login persistence option, avoiding that you be logged out from the platform.

Release 38 (December 16, 2022)

  • Detailed page of Ledger Entries;
  • Seeking to improve the governance of your numbers, now, the Ledger entries will be displayed on a proper page, where it shall be possible to edit their characteristics, create manual entries with consistent counterparts and even disregard entries from the total sum;
  • Implemented a powerful filter, which allows filtering by tags, cost centers, accounting accounts, as well as date and type of entry. In addition, the balance sheets screens also gained this novelty;
  • Entering customizable tables in the Reports has become more practical. We have implemented the possibility of inserting more than one tab from the same customizable table, allowing formulas among them, which makes the consistency check easier;
  • The customizable tables shall have access at administrator, editor, viewer and no-access user levels;
  • Companies filter in the consolidation, making easier the analysis for groups that have many companies! In addition to the filter, it is also possible to apply views of companies. To simplify this process, we left the consolidation with the same logic of Financial Statements signs;
  • The copy logic button visible only for users who have access to all the companies, and we apply the same rule for the import of exchanges and import of consolidation;
  • The creation of Financial Modeling rationales for the Realized scenario became much more customizable and complete! Now, in addition to using the Calculation Memory in Forecast scenarios of the Financial Modeling, we have enabled its utilization also in the Realized scenario.