Release 02035 EN

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Release 35 (August 17, 2022)

Resizing of tables, graphs and images

Now it is possible to adapt the elements of the presentations or documents according to your needs. With the resizing option in the Reports module, you can adjust the layout of tables, graphs or images, which provides you a better experience in our platform.

Rounding of the amounts in the Reports

As we know, the scale and the rounding applied to the Financial Statement tables can impact the sum of the amounts in +1 or -1. Now we ensure the consistency of the amounts rounded in the explanatory note version tables generated in the Reports module

Updating of the Fiscal Year Bocking function

To make your experience even better, during the reclassification of accounts, you can choose the type of result operation. So, you get greater flexibility to view the balances of a fiscal year, even after it is blocked.

Release 34 (June 14, 2022)

  • A new form of changing the reference date in the Financial Statements and in the  Forecast, review of the detailed CTA calculation, alerts when trying to delete management structures linked to management adjustments or turn the structure into a gatherer;
  • In the Reports module, we have added the flexibilization of dates: allowing quarterly tables, export in .xls and general adjustments.

Release 33 (April 08, 2022)

  • We have promoted improvements in the Reports, among them the Statement of Change of Net Assets (SCNA) table, editing of graphs, possibility of hiding lines with no values from the tables, new column layouts and improvements of usability when inserting a line between existing contents;
  • Improvements in the Financial Statements module, among them the possibility of becoming an obligatory management structure as daughter of another, in addition to betterments in the usability of the filters and general adjustments;
  • Spot corrections and improvements.

Release 32 (January 25, 2022)

  • New Comparative Panel in the Financial Statements module, with possibility of filtering by views and tags;
  • Operations tables in the Reports module;
  • Spot corrections and improvements.